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Rules For Unvaccinated Travel To Ukraine

Last Checked & Updated: 15th June 2022

Upon arrival, all non-exempt foreign nationals are required to provide proof of health insurance that covers Covid-19 observation and treatment for the duration of their stay. Insurance must be purchased from a company registered in Ukraine or a foreign company that has a representative office or an insurance partner in Ukraine.

All non-exempt foreign nationals, in addition to their health insurance policy, must have:

  • a document confirming receipt of at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccination with WHO-approved vaccines 

Or one of:

  • a negative Rapid Antigen Test taken no more than 2 days before entry, or;
  • a negative PCR test taken no more than 3 days before entry.

Non-exempt foreign nationals without proof of vaccination will be required on arrival to install the “Vdoma” app, which monitors self-isolation. The State Border Service will refuse entry to anyone who is unable, or refuses, to install the “Vdoma” app. 

During the first 3 days after arrival, you can take a PCR or Rapid Antigen test. If you test negative for Covid-19, you will not need to self-isolate. If you do not take a test in those 3 days, you must begin self-isolating at the address you register on the Vdoma app, for 10 days. You can end self-isolation early if you receive a negative PCR or Rapid Antigen test result.

Exemptions for foreign nationals

According to the resolution 1236 (9 December 2020) of the Ukrainian Government (Cabinet of Ministers), as updated on 25 October 2021, certain categories of foreign nationals are exempt from the insurance, PCR/Rapid Antigen/express testing or vaccination requirements, and do not have to install the “Vdoma” app.

These categories include foreign nationals who are:

  • recognised as refugees;
  • accredited diplomats in Ukraine, or members of accredited diplomats’ families;
  • air, sea, and land transport crews, or;
  • military personnel from NATO or “Partnership for Peace” countries taking part in exercises with the Ukrainian military.

Foreign nationals who are permanent residents of Ukraine are exempt from the insurance and PCR/Rapid Antigen testing requirement, though they must provide a document confirming receipt of one or more doses of a recognised Covid-19 vaccine or install the Vdoma mobile app and self-isolate for 10 days. Self-isolation is no longer required if you undergo PCR testing or a rapid antigen test within 72 hours of entry and get a negative result; except for permanent residents of Ukraine on arrival from Russia, who are subject to self-isolation for 14 days without the possibility of early termination.

The final decision on a person’s eligibility to enter Ukraine rests with the Ukrainian State Border Service. The entry requirement policies of foreign governments are imposed and enforced at their discretion.

Demonstrating your COVID-19 status

Ukraine will accept the UK’s proof of Covid-19 recovery and vaccination record and proof of Covid-19 vaccination issued in the Crown Dependencies. If you are travelling with a printed PDF proof of vaccination status, it must date from 1 November 2021 to ensure that the certificate can be scanned successfully.

Transiting Ukraine

Foreign nationals transiting Ukraine are required to provide documents confirming their departure from the country within 2 days and proof of health insurance that covers Covid-19 observation and treatment for the duration of their stay. Transiting travellers are exempt from self-isolation, installing the Vdoma application, and undergoing testing in Ukraine.


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