You can Travel to the US with a Covid Recovery Certificate

Have you tested positive for Covid-19? A Covid Recovery Certificate is accepted for entry into the US if you have recovered from Covid-19 and you are still testing positive. Get your Covid Recovery Letter for only $59 / £59.

Only $59 / £59


  • ✓ Suitable if you test positive for Covid-19
  • ✓ No appointment required!
  • ✓ QR code included
  • ✓ Simple 5-minute, online form
  • ✓ Certificates issued within 12 hours
  • ✓ 2hr Express Service Available
  • ✓ Signed by GMC-registered doctors
  • You can Travel to the USA if you test positive for Covid but have Recovered

    To travel to the US despite a positive Covid Test, The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) requires documentation of recovery from Covid-19. This documentation of recovery, or proof of immunity, states that you have had Covid-19 and have recovered, and therefore are likely to have natural immunity from Covid-19. Please note you still need to be vaccinated to travel to the USA in addition to your "documentation of recovery".



    If you have recovered from Covid-19 in the last 90 Days and are aged 5 and over, you are eligible for a Covid Recovery Certificate for Travel to the USA.


    What You'll Need

    You will need to show us either a PDF, screenshot or photo of your positive Covid test result certificate which clearly states the date of the positive test result. (Photos of the tests themselves are not accepted - it must be a photo of official test result paperwork).



    The Covid Recovery Certificate replaces the need to show a negative Covid test, so you don't have to stress about calculating which day you have to take your PCR test before your flight to the US. Fill out the form now and receive your certificate within 12 hours.

    How It Works

    Proof of positive test

    Send us proof of your positive Covid test result. This can be in the form of a PDF, screenshot or a photo. The proof of the positive test must show the date of the positive test result, and it must be within the last 90 days (but not the last 10 days).

    Submit a form

    All it takes to get your Covid Recovery Certificate for the US is a simple form submission that takes 5 minutes. No appointment needed.

    Get your certificate

    Once submitted, one of our doctors will review your form. If all the information is satisfactory based on the eligibility, we will send you a Covid Recovery Certificate by email within 12 hours.

    Travel despite testing positive

    Many people can test positive for Covid-19 for up to 3 months, even though they have fully recovered. You can travel from the EU to the USA using a Covid Recovery Letter. Entry restrictions change regularly to please check guidance from the CDC before you pay for your certificate.


    Didn't get an answer you were looking for?

    Our expert Covid testing team is happy to help answer your questions.

    Anyone who has a positive PCR or Rapid Antigen/Lateral flow test dated within 90 days of travel and has recovered from Covid-19.

    Currently we only write certificates in English as all airlines and border authorities usually accept English and the local language. We will require your Covid-19 test to be in English too. Currently, we only offer customer support in English.

    You only need to answer our online form to assess your recovery and upload a copy of your positive PCR or Rapid Antigen Test Certificate (dated in the last 11 to 90 days). You will need to know your passport number too. We will then send you your Covid Recovery Certificate to present with your test result.

    You will need to present your Covid Recovery Certificate alongside your positive test result. You will still need to show proof of vaccination as well, such as your EU Digital Covid Certificate or NHS Covid Pass. On 24 January 2022 the CDC requirements were that the test needs to be within 90 days of travelling, and you need to have completed 10 days of isolation (with a test date more than 10 days ago).

    Your symptoms must have started (or you must have had your test) more than 10 days ago and you need to have been more than 48 hours without symptoms before you can apply.

    We have written hundreds of these letters for travel to the United States and have confirmed the requirements with the CDC directly. We advise you to check requirements on the CDC website before you travel (

    It will state that we have reviewed your test certificate and assessed your symptoms, which allow us to state that you appear to have recovered from Covid-19 and therefore have developed a natural immunity to Covid-19. This will be signed by a doctor fully registered with the UK General Medical Council. Our contact details are included if any verification is required. We don’t currently include QR codes; this isn’t a requirement of the CDC.

    You will receive your certificate within 12 hours of uploading all the appropriate documentation. To avoid delays make sure that you meet the criteria for travel and include all the correct information, including your passport number and full address.

    A loss of sense of smell or taste, and a dry cough, can last for many weeks. As long as these are improving, these won’t stop you from getting your documentation of recovery. 

    A Covid Recovery Certificate and Proof of Immunity are the same documents, showing that you have recovered from Covid-19. When these are presented with your positive test result, this is called your Documentation of Recovery (according to the CDC).

    Day 0 is your first day of symptoms or a positive viral test. Day 1 is the first full day after your symptoms developed or your test specimen was collected. Although the quarantine rules allow some people to end isolation after 5 days, you are still required to not to travel for 10 days. 

    Additional Language Support


    Alcune persone continuano a risultare positive al Covid-19 anche dopo la guarigione. Una lettera di recupero covid ti permette di viaggiare senza dover sostenere ulteriori test covid. Basta completare il nostro modulo online per dimostrare che sei guarito e caricare il certificato del test per dimostrare che hai avuto il Covid-19 di recente e ti invieremo un PDF del tuo certificato in 24 ore.

    Importante: tutte le comunicazioni e i certificati saranno solo in inglese. Ottieni qua il tuo certificato


    Certaines personnes continuent d’être positifs aux tests Covid-19 même après leur rétablissement. Une lettre de rétablissement au virus du Covid-19 vous permet de voyager sans avoir à passer d'autres tests. Remplissez notre formulaire en ligne et téléchargez votre certificat prouvant que vous avez eu le Covid-19 récemment, et nous vous enverrons un PDF de votre certificat dans les 24 heures.

    Veuillez prendre note que toutes nos communications et certificats sont uniquement délivrés en anglais. Obtenez votre certificat ici


    Algunas personas continúan teniendo un resultado positivo en Covid-19 después de curarse. Un informe de covid superado te permite viajar sin tener que presentar test de covid. Completa nuestro formulario online para mostrar que te has recuperado y sube tu resultado del test para demostrar que has tenido covid-19 recientemente y te mandaremos un PDF de tu certificado en 24 horas.

    Por favor ten en cuenta que las comunicaciones y los certificados serán sólo en inglés. Obtén tu certificado aquí


    Algumas pessoas continuam a testar positivo para o Covid-19 depois de terem sido curadas. Um relatório de covid superado permite-lhe viajar sem ter que apresentar um teste covid. Preencha o nosso formulário online para mostrar que recuperou e faça upload do resultado do seu teste para provar que teve covid-19 recentemente e lhe enviaremos um PDF do seu certificado dentro de 24 horas.

    Por favor, tenha em conta que todas as comunicações e certidões serão só em inglês. Obtenha a sua certidão aqui


    Manche Menschen werden nach ihrer Heilung weiterhin positiv auf Covid-19 getestet. Ein Bericht, dass Sie sich von Covid erholt haben, ermöglicht es Ihnen, zu reisen, ohne einen Covid-Test vorlegen zu müssen. Füllen Sie unser Online-Formular aus, um zu zeigen, dass Sie sich erholt haben, und laden Sie Ihr Testergebnis hoch, um nachzuweisen, dass Sie kürzlich an Covid-19 erkrankt sind, und wir senden Ihnen innerhalb von 24 Stunden eine PDF-Datei Ihres Zertifikats zu.

    Bitte, beachten Sie, dass alle Mitteilungen und Berichte nur auf Englisch sind. Bekommen Sie Ihren Bericht hier